SBJson v3.2.0 is out!


The main focus of this release is to deprecate the JSONValue and JSONRepresentation category methods, and several methods that return an error through an NSError** argument. These will be removed in version 4. If you upgrade to v3.2 and you use any of the deprecated methods you will get a warning at compile time.


  • Absorbing the LICENSE and INSTALL files into README.
  • Remove the Xcode Workspace from the top-level source checkout; the less clutter the better and this doesn’t seem to serve any function.
  • Change to use AppleDoc for creating API documentation. This results in output looking more consistent with Apple’s documentation.


  • Replace use of INFINITY with HUGE_VAL where used as double (reported by Antoine Cœur)
  • Correctly parse -0.0 as a JSON number (Cary Yang)
  • Fail to compile unless compiled with ARC.

Date posted: 19 Jan 2013